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Twin Sense


Inspired by this and this

It was common knowledge to the residents of Gravity Falls, Oregon and indeed to most of the world that twins had a sixth sense; this sense was undefinable, undeniable, and could manifest in various forms.  Dipper and Mabel Pines were no exception; each twin possessed, somewhere deep within their minds, a tiny instinct that alerted them to the condition of their other half. Their parents had at first exchanged bemused glances when one of their children had insisted that they knew what the other was doing; those glances had changed to amazement when one day Mabel had insisted that they rush home from dance practice because Dipper had an “ouch” only to discover their son icing a badly sprained ankle.

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I only just realized that I should have mentioned the artists’ names so that they could see this XD the pictures are by Cherryviolets (Who has seen this) and junryou (who hasn’t yet). Hope you enjoy it. Also you should go follow those guys, because their art is amazing.


So, I’m sitting here staring at the Yogscast internship page silently dying inside.

Mostly because of the Media, Social Media, TV listed under role categories. For so long now, I’ve wanted to be their social media person and here is a paid internship just staring me in the face.

But I’m worried they won’t even consider me because I live in central America. That’s so far away…




auroraenderborn replied to your post: Look, I’m not a short person. So why c…

maybe it’s a tall bench

Darn it bench, stop that

anga-hith said:

truth! When sitting at the dining table I can’t touch the ground. Its annoying. So I always sit on the edge of chairs and stuff. I’m only an inch taller than you too.

Maybe it’s all a conspiracy to make us have proper posture via not allowing us to lean back into our chairs


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