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Gravity Falls - Taking Over Midnight - HD

There is so much that is awesome in this scene! The way Dipper and Stan are standing with their shoulders rigid is characteristic of stage fright. Dipper realizes Stan (his role model in a sense) is singing and decides to sing too. The way Mabel gets to totally own a zombie. Their harmony actually isn’t that bad. The general cinematography of this clip is fantastic. They yell their family name as a battle chant XD

Who would you choose??

Alright guys (and gals)! You’re going on a journey! You must pick three companions: One animal (animated), one Human (animated), and one Live action companion. All of these can only be picked from Disney Movies.

My Animal: The small black pegasus from Fantasia (which I have raised to adulthood) Does it have a name? If not then I’ll find one for it.

My Animated Human: Arthur from “Sword in the Stone”

My Live Action: Groot :)

Who would you choose?

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