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For nefertsukia, whose Hiccstrid drabbles are basically the reason that I descended into this fandom. I’ve actually been a huge closet Hiccstrid lurker for a while without contributing any art, and I’m putting 200% of blame on her since I’ve just been too busy reading her fics and drabbles! They’re basically my canon for this ship right now.

Please give the fics a read and go on over to her tumblr and tell her she’s awesome! 

A Midnight Stroll


Title: A Midnight Stroll

Parings: NONE

Rating: PG-13, Death and mild gore

Summary: After seeing monkeyscandance's Victorian Sir’s AU and beardburrito's comments about how he would like to see a Victorian Were!Ross, I present to you, Victorian Were!Ross.

A short tale about a specific full moon and a young girl who falls pray to a very hungry Were!Ross


Winter brought cold temperatures and gray fog to the city of London and, as the residents went about their business, collars were turned up and everyone wore gloves.

For a Miss Rebecca Batley, the turn of weather was refreshing.

The air, though cold, was much preferable to the hot humidity of the summer.  At least in the winter, the roaring fires in the bank she worked at did well in their job to keep out the chill that threatened to penetrate the marble halls where as there was little to do about the summer heat.

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This is epic, also haha on the use of Batley.








this isn’t how you use photoshop

 the tangled ones remind me of Sam and Dean

this is wrong on so many levels 

the fucking last one though oh my god

can i frame the last one?

i laughed so hard my grandma asked me to leave the room


(Source: iraffiruse)


"I don’t trust him one bit. Rumour has it he came into money by burning down the houses of his benefactors." Doctor von Trottimus nervously runs a hand through his whiskers, looking at the man beside him. "We can find another way, Ross." 

"I don’t care if he stole the money from his own grandmother or dug up a grave. We need the money for HatCorp." Ross turns towards the tall green man in the doorway, offering him his hand. "We have a deal, Mr. Smith."

Mr. Smith flashes a grin at Ross that has way too many teeth for Trott’s liking. “Oh, I am looking forward to working with you. I am an … ardent… supporter of new entrepreneurs.”

I accidentally did a Victorian!AU.

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